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Parents & Pupils

Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to Year 1! 2023-2024 

In Owl Class we have Miss Rose and Mrs Jones. In Squirrel Class we have Mrs Powley and Mrs Crocker. We also have Miss Lethaby who supports Year 1 in the mornings and at lunchtime. Mrs Barber also works in Year 1 supporting children with their speech and language development. 

We cannot wait to get to know you all this year and enjoy lots of activities together. 


The Woods

We have been learning the story of 'The Woods' and have been using a text map to help us. This story is all about a little boy who loses his bunny and has to adventure into The Woods to try and find it again. For our writing, we have been learning about the past tense and how to add the suffix -ed to the end of verbs. We have also been writing our own versions of the story by changing the characters. 


Arts Week 2023

For our Art week we looked at stories linked to our theme 'Under the Sea'. We enjoyed sharing lots of texts, both fiction and non-fiction, including 'The Rainbow Fish', 'Tiddler', 'Clean Up'. To start with, we practised our sketching and observational drawings of sea animals. We listened to the story of 'Austin's Butterfly' and learnt how Austin had to look really carefully at what he was drawing to make sure he included all the details. In the story, Austin took multiple attempts to draw his animal, making sure he was improving each time. For our sea creatures, we took inspiration from Austin and did multiple drafts of our sea creature. We found it amazing to see the improvement each time! 

After that, we moved onto exploring with watercolours. We thought about shading, including light and dark, and practised changing the shade of the paint each time by either adding more water or more paint. When we were confident with our sea creature drawings and watercolour technique, we planned a design to create a final watercolour painting. Our final watercolour paintings include a background seascape with our chosen sea creature layered on top. 



We have been learning about poetry and how this is different to normal speech. We enjoyed learning and performing our Animal Poem in the style of Kennings. 

Animal poem

Cats purring

Dogs barking

Hamsters munching

Horses trotting

Birds tweeting

Foxes running

Rabbits hopping

Pigs snorting

Cows mooing

Otters swimming

Frogs jumping

Bees buzzing