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Our Curriculum


At Pilton Infants’ School the science curriculum is designed with our children’s needs in mind. Children leave key stage one with scientific knowledge and understanding, as well as a growing knowledge of nature, processes and methods of science. Children build an understanding of the uses of science in the world today and in the future.

We provide children with first hand experiences to enrich their learning and make the acquisition of knowledge memorable. Providing children with hands on learning encourages them to develop interpersonal skills, build resilience, perseverance, independence and become creative, critical thinkers. First hand experiences also promote the skills children need to work scientifically, skills that will be built upon through their time in education. Throughout their time at Pilton Infants we build on children’s previous learning, knowledge and skills.

In recent years, we’ve noticed a dramatic decline in children’s spoken communication and understanding and this has become one of the key drivers in the planning and delivery of our curriculum. We plan science as part of our termly topics, highlighting key vocabulary for the children to learn and apply. Children are encouraged to be curious and ask questions. Whilst working scientifically children are supported and promoted to use simple scientific language and communicate their understanding and ideas.

  • Experiences
  • Curious / ask questions
  • Simple language / communicate idea etc
  • First hand experiences
  • Working Scientifically
  • Vocabulary