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Our Curriculum


History is essentially about learning and understanding the past

We have designed out progressive History curriculum to give a broad and balanced view of the History of Britain and other societies. By gaining a well-rounded knowledge of the past and its events the children will improve their cultural capital. The children will develop an understanding of the world around them and their own heritage.

Through engaging topics our aim is to inspire the children to be Historians. Our aim is, through the teaching of History, we stimulate all the childrens interest and understanding about the lives of people who lived in the past.

The children will develop their vocabulary and their historical enquiry skills as they move from the Early Years into Key Stage One. The children will look at different source types. They will draw on similarities and differences within time frames. The children will form opinions and interpretations about the past.

In Reception the children will learn about what past and present means and then they will compare the past to the present. In Year One the children will learn about the role of a monarch and how this role has changed. They will also learn about their local area and how this has changed in the last 100 years. In Year Two the children will build on their historical learning to research locally, nationally and internationally significant figures.