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Our Curriculum

Art & Design

Art stimulates children’s curiosity, imagination and creativity.

At Pilton Infants’ School, children have the opportunity to work with a range of art forms and mediums including paint, collage and clay. Children enjoy expressing themselves in Art as well as learning new skills. We learn about artists and their individual style or technique and children have the opportunity to express their opinions. Artist and illustrator visits also supplement the Art experience and learning we have at Pilton Infants.

In addition to the Art we learn throughout the year in lessons linked to our topics, we also hold a special Arts Week every year. During Arts Week, children have the opportunity to enjoy and explore Art and Design even further linked to a whole school theme.

Children’s artwork covers our school corridors and children feel proud of their achievements.

By the end of Year 2, children will have developed skills and techniques in the use of line, colour, form, texture and shape.

With paint, in Reception children learn to choose colour and mix basic shades, in Year 1 they learn the art of mixing colours to achieve the tone and shade they desire and in Year 2 children develop their skills in brush stroke choosing different equipment and techniques for effect. In collage, children will learn to use a variety of materials, selecting colour, shape and texture for effect, experimenting with symmetry in reception, texture for purpose in Year 1 and artist study in Year 2. In clay, children will develop skills in sculpture and form using appropriate tools and learning to join successfully.

Examples of the artists children study include Paul Klee, David Hockney, and Friedensreich Hundertwasser. By the end of Year 2, children will also be able to talk like an artist about their own work and the work of others. They will understand purpose and consider the effect art has on an audience.