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PE and Sport 2020-2021

How we are using our premium

PE 2020 - 2021

This year the children all enjoyed taking part in a Sports Week. This started with a visit from Ottilie Robinson-Shaw who is an elite freestyle kayaker. She spoke to the children about the importance of healthy eating and working hard. The children also completed a fitness circuit with Ottilie and raised over £2000 in sponsorship money! 

Tennis Festival

The children all took part in a tennis festival run by the Devonshire Tennis Academy. They worked on key coordination skills using tennis balls and rackets. 

Football Festival

During the football festival the children worked on skills including aim, coordination, agility, balance and team work. Comments from the children included

'I enjoyed dribbling the balls out of the cones' 

'I cheered on my team and we scored lots of goals'

'I enjoyed aiming for the targets'.


Sports Afternoons

Each year group bubble also had their separate sports afternoons where they completed a variety of activities. The children were all great Timmy Team workers and earnt lots of points for their coloured team. 

On Friday, each year group bubble had their final sprint races before finishing with a whole school sports day celebration on the field. The children were excited to come together as a whole school to share some songs and announce the winning team. 


Pupil Premium 2019-20

Pupil Premium Intent

Pupil Premium is additional monies given to schools to support pupils who are considered to be disadvantaged; the intention being that no child should be disadvantaged  due to a lack of finances. Our intention when deciding how to allocate our Pupil Premium funding is to enable ALL pupils in our school to have the same life chances, enable them to 'catch up' with their peers if they are behind in their learning and ensure they never miss out on extra curricula activities, educational visits and enrichment opportunities.

The chosen measure for the entitlement of Pupil Premium is that pupils will have been entitled to free school meals at any time within the past 6 years. The Pupil Premium funding we received in the year 2018-19 was £25640 in total. Costs have been allocated to the following:


  • Interventions
  • Aim: To accelerate rates of progress in core subjects across all year groups and to provide nurture/mental health support in the form of attachment based mentoring and lunchtime club provision in order to improve pupils’ learning behaviours, mental health and attitudes.
  • Provision of TA time to deliver intervention programmes to support individuals and/or small groups with speech, language, communication, reading, writing, maths and nurture.
  • Cost £24000
  • Enrichment and Engagement
  • Monies available to provide Extra Curricular activities such as music tuition, after school and holiday clubs, free or subsidised school trips

           Aim: To provide opportunity and equal access for all children to engage in enrichment opportunities and free or discounted clubs and holiday provision.

           Cost £500

  • Free or discounted Swimming lessons for children to develop water confidence
  • Cost: £600
  • Aim: To provide an essential life skill
  • Uniform provision for those most in need. This includes basic essentials such as shoes, PE kit etc

Aim: To promote a sense of well-being and belonging to the school community through quality uniform provision.

Cost: £200

PE 2019-2020

How we are using our PE premium to develop physical education, sport and healthy lifestyles.

Whole School Football Festival - 12th March 2020

The whole school had a brilliant day with Ross from Goal Getters.  Every class had a session with Ross.  The children took part in a range of activities which worked on their aim, coordination, teamwork, balance and agility.  The children all really enjoyed the sessions comments included,

"It was brilliant!"                      "Football is the best."                  "Can we do it again?"

Year 1 and 2 Netball Festival - 29th January 2020

 The Year 1 and 2 children enjoyed a brilliant morning with Miss Sloman and Miss Nicholls from Primary Sports.  They worked on key netball skills such as:

  • footwork and agility
  • passing and catching
  • teamwork
  • shooting

This was a great way to finish their netball skills learning from the Autumn term.

How are we using our PE Premium?

PE Premium spending 2018-19

Tarka Tennis Festival - 19th June 2019

We had a fantastic morning at Tarka Tennis with the whole school for our annual Tarka Tennis Festival.  The children worked on their forehand, backhand, rackets skills, ball skills and took part in relay races.  Their behaviour was excellent and it was clear to see, from the improvement in their skills, that the children have worked really hard in PE this year.