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How can I keep my children safe when online? 

Every year the children attend an E-safety assembly in February in line with Online safety week created by the UK Safer Internet Centre. During this assembly we go through how to keep safe online as well as their duty to be a good citizen on the internet. Throughout the year the children are reminded of this. 
There is more information available on the following websites:


Talking PANTS teaches children important messages. For example, that their body belongs to them and they should tell an adult if they're upset or worried.

Get together and singalong with Pantosaurus to get the conversation started.

If you are concerned about online sexual abuse or the way someone has been communicating with you or your child online please contact CEOP on 


E-Safety website for children

E-Safety website for parents

How to set up a device ready for your child to use 

In class, we use Childnet's Smartie to teach the children how to stay safe online. More information here: 

How do we keep our children safe on the internet? (May 2022)

How to set up your child's device using parental controls

The Year 2 children had to give advice to Little Red Riding Hood who has been contacted through a gaming site by 'Wolfie'.  The gamer asked her to meet up in real life and she didn't know what to do because Granny was fast asleep.  They had to write a letter explaining what to do...

The Year 1 children made a poster to help the 3 little pigs from nasty comments online from the Big Bad Wolf. 

National Online Safety have made some easy to read how to guides to help with keeping your child safe online. They share lots of ways to help with specific websites such as 'Youtube Kids'. 

 Age Rating.pdfDownload
 Friends and Followers.pdfDownload
 Gaming disorder.pdfDownload
 Mental Health and the Internet.pdfDownload
 National Online Safety-TikTok Guide.pdfDownload
 Online Content.pdfDownload
 Search Engines.pdfDownload
 Ways to be kind online.pdfDownload
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Create a family safety plan at home

How do I have a conversation with my child about online safety?

 Autumn internet safety 2022.pubDownload
 autumn-internet-safety-2020 (2).pdfDownload
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