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Welcome to Year One!
Welcome to Year 1! 2020 - 2021 

In Owl Class we have Miss Holme and Mrs Lavercombe. In Squirrel Class we have Miss West and Mrs Down. We are also very lucky to have Mrs Barber work with us for some afternoons. 

It has been lovely to meet you all this week and we hope to get to know you better as the year goes on. 

Please take a look at our newsletter for this term. 


Butterfly Release 

We enjoyed watching the caterpillars grow this term and it was time to release them. We were able to see the butterflies fly up into the sky and even stay around for a while to get used to their surroundings. 

Sports for Champions Visit 


Today we had a special visit from the Olympic athlete freestyle kayak. She showed us how she did her flips in the sea and the rivers. We were very impressed! We all managed to do our own circuit of spotty dogs and star jumps. 

Animal Visit 


We really enjoyed our visit from the animals today. We learnt all about what types of animals they were and what they ate. We even were able to hold some of them and stroke them. We really enjoyed our time with the animals. 

Class Caterpillars 


We have enjoyed looking after the caterpillars over the last 2 weeks. We have enjoyed watching them grow and watching them hang from the lid to turn into butterflies. Watch this space as hopefully they will turn into butterflies very soon... 

Salsa Dancing 


Today is international dance day and we enjoyed learning the salsa dance! We learnt how to move our hips to the beat. 

Easter Activities

We have enjoyed learning all about Easter this week and why we celebrate this time of year. We have created our own crosses to represent all of the things we are thankful for. We also went on an Easter egg hunt in school and we were very lucky to receive a present from the Easter bunny. We enjoyed making our own split pin moving Easter cards for our families. 

And for Todays Weather...


In Owl class today we have been learning to tell the weather. We have even made our own video to show us telling the weather to each other. The children either said the weather or recorded it on the Ipads. 

Firework Pictures 


This week we learnt how to use oil pastels to create bright firework pictures. We talked about how to create a blended colour using the oil pastels. We watched firework videos to help inspire us to create movement in our pictures. 

Down on the Farm...


The children have been busy working on the farm in school. We have created our own farmyard animals and we have planted our own seeds. We have learnt how to take care of our animals and how to help the plants grow. Keep an eye out for our Autumn vegetables. 

World Book Day 2020

Today we dressed as our favourite characters from Traditional Tales. We read some Traditional Tales during the day and we designed our own book covers from our favourite books. We enjoyed listening to Traditional Tales in assembly. 

The Woods

We went on an adventure to find a lost pink bunny. We could not find the bunny anywhere! We noticed lots of clues along the way... including a necklace, a bit of fur and a honey pot. I wonder who it could have been... 

Kings and Queens Day! 


Today we learnt all about Kings and Queens by becoming a King or Queen ourselves! We made our own crowns, shields and we had our own banquet. We nominated a King and Queen based on who was the oldest. We learnt a medieval dance and did this after our banquet. We learnt all about what Kings and Queens do every day. 

When The Dog's Trust came to Visit...


We had a visit from The Dogs Trust as part of our topic on 'Animals'. We enjoyed learning about how to keep animals safe but also how we keep ourselves safe when around dogs. We learnt how to safely stroke a dog and how to safely play with a dog. 

Exmoor Zoo 

Today we had a visit from Exmoor Zoo. We were able to learn all about the different animal categories. We were very good at describing the different properties of each category. We were able to see a mouse, snake and even an owl. The owl flew across the room to show us his wings! 

The Big Sheep 


We had a fabulous time at the Big Sheep! We were able to see lots of different farm yard animals and learn all about what they eat and how to look after them. We also were able to feed the animals and Miss Holme even had to run away from one of the sheep! We cannot wait to write about our trip to the Big Sheep this week. 

Rosemoor 2019


We had a great time at Rosemoor this year. We did not let the rain ruin our day! We learnt all about the 5 senses and we even tasted some of the fruit and vegetables that were grown in the gardens. Did you know a pepper is a fruit? 

India Day 


We enjoyed learning all about India this week as part of Arts week. We learnt how to dance just like a Bollywood dancer. We were able to move to the music and appreciate music associated with Bollywood. As part of this day we learnt all about the Indian Rainforest. We are beginning to create our own Rainforest in the corridors - watch this space! We enjoyed using pastel to create these bright animals. 

It's a Wonderful Christmas Time...


We have enjoyed sharing with you the Christmas play this year. We have enjoyed learning the dances and songs together. In Class 5 we have designed and built our very own Gingerbread houses! See if you can spot yours..? 

Our memorial for Remembrance Sunday.

As a Year group we created our own memorial to remember all the people who look after us every day. We worked as a team to create our own memorial.