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Pilton Infants' School

Learning For Life

Welcome to Reception 2021-2022


We are extremely happy to welcome our new children who have joined our learning family at Pilton Infants' School this September.


Our classes have been named after animals.


Miss Welby and Mrs Smale are teaching in Kingfisher Class.

Mr Daunton and Mrs Saltearn are teaching in Otter Class.

Mrs Johnson is teaching across both classes.


In line with current guidance the children in both classes will be in one "bubble" and they will be sharing the outside learning areas and the middle room where the role play area is situated. If this changes we will let you know as soon as possible.

Last year, the Reception classes started school at 9.10am and we finish at 3.30pm. We will confirm exact times for this year as soon as we have the latest guidance.

Please scroll down to see our Autumn Newsletter which details this term's topic and contains other information.

There is also lots more information about the staff and how you can help at home in the "Parents" tab and the "New Children 2020" section.


Visit from Exmoor Zoo October 2019


Exmoor Zoo visited the school and brought some of the animals with them. After learning about animal habitats the children met several animals and got to stroke them if they wanted to.


The first visitor was a brightly coloured corn snake. The children though that he felt "smooth" and "soft". Next was a "fluffy" mouse. Next we met an animal that has a skeleton on the outside of it's body-a cockroach. The children thought he was "shiny". After meeting a giant land snail the children finally got to meet a Tawny owl. Mrs Smale opened the bird box and the owl flew silently back through the hall, over the children's heads and back into the box.


It was a fantastic visit which we all thoroughly enjoyed.


Please see some photos from the visit in the slideshow below.


Rosemoor Gardens Visit June 2019


We had a great time visiting the gardens at RHS Rosemoor. We explored the gardens and then we went on a bear hunt through the forest.


We made forest creatures from clay and natural objects. We listened to a creation story and then placed our creatures around the forest. 


Saunton Beach Visit July 2019


We visited the beach, played beach games and had a picnic.


We enjoyed an ice lolly and we had a paddle in the sea!

Our Mini Beast Hunt

The children have been learning about mini beasts .This has included the life cycle of a butterfly. Reception took part in a mini beast hunt in our secret garden and learnt about where mini beasts live and how they move!  


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The children having been learning the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. They have learnt to retell the story and use adjectives to describe the fruit. The other the day the children had a visit from the caterpillar and they learnt how to use question words to ask questions. These where some of their questions:

Do you prefer being a caterpillar or a butterfly?

What is your favourite fruit?

How did you make your cocoon?

How did the egg get on the leaf?

As you can see from the photos below they were very excited to meet him!