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Pilton Infants' School

Learning For Life

Welcome to Reception 2022-2023

 We are extremely happy to welcome our new children who have joined our learning family at Pilton Infants' School this September.


 Our classes have been named after animals.


Miss Rose and Mrs Lavercombe are teaching in Kingfisher Class.

Mr Daunton and Mrs Saltearn are teaching in Otter Class.

Mrs Johnson and Miss Lethaby are teaching across both classes.

 Please scroll down to see our Autumn Newsletter which details this term's topic and contains other information.

There is also lots more information about the staff and how you can help at home in the "Parents" tab and the "New Children 2021" section.


Our day at Westward Ho! and Northam Burrows Visitor Centre.


In computing we have been learning to control a Beebot. After learning some simple commands we started to control the Beebot to travel around a story map. If the Beebot didn’t go where we wanted it to go we learnt how to debug and correct the commands

Art Week

During Art Week we focused on the story Elmer by David McKee. We started by printing using the primary colours; red, blue and yellow. Then we mixed the primary colours together to make secondary colours. We used these to print using leaves. We also used a collage technique to make patchwork elephants to display.

Phonics Videos

Fast Sounds

This video shows how to practise "fast sounds". This fast daily practise of all the sounds we have learnt so far will really help the children to progress with their reading. The faster and more automatic the children recognise each sound the better.

Sound Talk

This video shows how to practise "sound talk". This is how the children start to read simple words by sounding out each sound and then blending on sounds to read the word.

Reception 2021-22

Our Wonderful World

In a land far away

Jack and the Beanstalk

 Reception had a great time taking part in a storytelling through a music workshop.

International Women's Day

We spent International Women's Day learning about Emmeline Pankhurst and how she fought for voting rights for women. As classes we vote every day for the story to read at the end of day. We talked about how everybody in the class gets a vote and how it would not be fair if only some people in the class could vote. Emmeline and the Suffragette movement helped to make voting fair for everybody in the United Kingdom because both men and women achieved voting equality from 1928 onwards.

Emmeline Pankhurst
Emmeline Pankhurst

Historical Figures-The Wright Brothers

As part of our "We're Going on a Journey" topic we learnt about the early years of airplanes and flying. We learnt about the Wright Brothers and their first experiments with powered flight. We were so impressed with their Carly Can Do/Billy Bright Idea/Bobby Bounce Back attitudes to their work. They didn't give up even when their plans didn't work at first. The first powered airplane flight took place in 1903 and only lasted a few seconds. Wilbur and Orville didn't stop there, they kept working on their airplane designs to make them better and better.

Wilbur and Orville Wright
Wilbur and Orville Wright
The Wright Flyer 1903
The Wright Flyer 1903

Historical Figures 2- Amelia Earhart

The children enjoyed learning about the pioneering aviator Amelia Earhart. Amelia dreamed of adventure from an early age and after riding in an airplane she wanted to be a pilot herself. After setting records for the highest flight and then flying solo across the Atlantic she attempted to fly all around the earth. Unfortunately her plane became caught in a storm and the plane disappeared at the end of the flight. As well as being a superb pilot herself she is also remembered for her work with the Ninety-Nines, a group of women pilots and her can do attitude to everything she wanted to do. The children compared airplanes from the past to airplanes today and we used maps to plot Amelia's flight and where she was born. We made a timeline to put the historical figures on to show which order they came in. 

Our Completed Vehicles.

Vehicle Making

The children in Otters and Kingfishers enjoyed making and designing vehicles. We used boxes for the chassis and we learnt how axles join wheels together. We punched holes in the chassis for our axles and we learnt how to use a hacksaw safely to cut the axles to the correct length. We looked at our designs to paint and decorate our vehicles. Once the vehicles are made we will evaluate our designs and test them.

We're off on a Journey

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holidays.

Our topic for Spring is called 'We're off on a Journey'. Please see the newsletter for information about what we will be learning this term. 

We're going on a bear hunt 

We have been enjoying learning the story of 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'. We learnt the story using a text map and thought about what happens at the beginning, middle and end. It was great fun going on our own Bear Hunt around the school and we even found the Pilton Infants' Bear! We have also been using musical instruments to represent different parts of the story and performed this as a whole class. 

Children in Need 2021

We had a fantastic day raising funds for Children in Need.  As a school we raised £185.  We did 2 things:

  1. Wear something SPOTTY or SPORTY
  2. Together We Can Challenge - As a school could we beat our target of 2021 lengths of our playground?...  Of course we did!  We needed each child to run about 12 lengths.  They rose to the challenge, as did the staff, and we smashed our target by completing 2568 lengths!  Well done everyone!

Superhero Day October 2021

We all enjoyed dressing up for our hero day! It has been great fun learning about real life heroes, the jobs they do and how they can help us. 

Circus Day at Pilton Infants October 2021

Here are some photos of Reception taking part in the circus day. We all had a great time and enjoyed walking across the tight rope, using ribbons, pedal walkers and flower sticks. It was great to try new things. We all tried hard to be like our school learning hero Carly Can Do!

Visit from a Guide dog Puppy October 2021

Here are some photos of Receptions visit from a guide dog.
"The puppy was called Skeffy, his handler was Cathy and the speaker was Helen.
The children helped Skeffy get used to new noises by clapping.

We really enjoyed the visit"