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New Homes on Secret Garden site

Thank you for your interest in the proposed planning for new homes on the school secret garden.  This is just a hoax but we would appreciate it if you would play along.  The Year 2s have been learning about the work of Marina Silva - a campaigner for the rainforests of Brazil.  They learned that by standing up for what you believe in and protesting peacefully, you can make a difference.  We want to give the children experience of this so we are putting together a campaign.  At the end of June, Selaine Saxby, our local MP, will come into school to meet the children and hear what they have to say.  Hopefully she'll overturn the 'new build' decision.

If you would like to support us with this project, please feel free to email or write letters of objection for us to share with the children,

Thanks for your support.

The Year 2 team.