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Home Learning Year 1

Summer Term

Hi Year 1 - your new teachers from Year 2 have a message for you. Click the link here:

It was a very bright, sunny day so we were all squinting in the sun and we look like we're frowning!  We're usually more smiley than that! :) 

Goodbye Class 5!


We are now following Letters and Sounds for Home and School.  From June 2nd you will need to access them directly using the link:


Please continue to practise your sounds at home. We recommend that your child starts with the Year 1 lessons, but you should have received a letter via ParentMail directing you to the appropriate video for your child. Please click on the link and click on the appropriate level as indicated in your letter. 

Each lesson is put on their Youtube channel at approximately 10:30am every day.   


Practise reading and spelling the Year 1 words listed below over the next 7 weeks.  Ask an adult to say a word and you can practise finding it on the list.  Use the initial sound to help you.  Tick off a word when you know how to spell it.


Maths Challenges Week Commencing 13th July 

Below are some ideas of challenges to wrap the home learning this year. Well done for your hard work this year and keep up the hard work next year! We would love to know if you managed to find the answers at home!

***************ARCHIVE **************

Maths W/C 5th July


For maths this week we will be looking at how to tell the time. Take a look at the plan for this week and any of the resources needed for the lessons will be below. You may also need an analogue clock to look at at home. 

 6.7.20 worksheets.docxDownload
 Time Home Learning 6.7.20.docxDownload
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