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Reading for Pleasure at Pilton Infants' School

We want all children to leave Pilton Infants' School as confident, fluent readers, but above all, we want children to enjoy books. We want them to leave with a love of reading which they can take with them all through their education and beyond.

Each class has their own Reading for Pleasure book.  This is sent home with a different child every night and they add to the book with a review or recommendation.  This can be in the form of a review or a picture.  Some children in Year 2 have also started a book swap, where they bring in books from home and others can borrow them.  You can see some examples  of the reviews below.

Children also leave post it notes in books to recommend to one another.  

Teachers read at least once a day to their class.  We love to read a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.   We also begin to introduce the Year 2s to other genres, such as comics and dictionaries.

Below is an example of some of the fun things we do when we find a book we love.  We read "You're Called What?!" by Kes Gray.  Then the children made up their own animals with silly names and chose a more sensible name for them.  You can see the results below:

How can you help at home?  We send home books for the children to practise reading.  A few pages a night makes a huge difference to the progress they make.  Sharing more challenging stories or texts is also a great way to broaden the children's horizons.  Share books at bedtime, look through magazines together, read non-fiction information from the internet or recite favourite poems together.  Talk about the reading you do on a daily basis.

The following site has hundreds of stories for children to listen to and it's absolutely free! 

Are you part of the Pilton Infants' Community? Would you like to recommend a book you've enjoyed recently?  Could you share some pictures of you reading at home?  Would you like to share a link to a poem you've read and enjoyed? If you have something you are happy to share on this site, please get in touch at marked for the attention of Mrs Ruddick.

Here are some recommendations from our teachers...