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Pilton Infants' School

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PE at Pilton Infants

At Pilton Infants, the children take part in weekly PE sessions with their class teacher but also with specialist PE coaches from Primary Sports.


Year 2 Cross Country Competition Autumn 2022

 Year 2 took part in a Cross Country competition against lots of the other schools across the TEAM trust. The children were all great Timmy Team Workers and Carly Can Dos, cheering each other on and not giving up! Our fastest finishers were Sammy (2nd place Year 2 boys) and Elsie (3rd place Year 2 girls). Well done to the whole of Year 2!

Football and Tennis Festival 2022

In the summer term, the children all took part in a football festival organised by Goal Getters and tennis festival organised by Devonshire Tennis Academy. The children all had a fantastic time developing their skills. The children worked on co-ordination, aim, balance, agility aim and team work. During the football festival the children practised dribbling, shooting and aiming with a football. It was brilliant to see the children encouraging each other with the activities. 

Sports Day 2022 

We had a fantastic afternoon for Sports Day. It was great to see so many parents and relatives there supporting the children as well.  


Year 1 and 2 had a great time taking part in an Orienteering festival. They completed their first orienteering competition here at school and then the winners from each year group competed at the final at Pilton Bluecoats. We were very proud of all the children for their great team work and and a big well done to Harry W and Elsie who won the Year 1 competition against the other TEAM schools! 

Multi-skills festival 

Year 1 enjoyed taking part in a Multi skills festival at Pilton Community College. It was a great day had by all!

Promoting Active Travel

We took part in the Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel to School week 2022. We hope this is just the start of our active travel journey and that we keep on walking or cycling to school! 

Big Walk and Wheel weeks 2022 - Active travel challenge. 

We had a fantastic morning with professional trails rider Andrei. He wowed us all with his amazing riding and incredible stunts. He also spoke really well to the children about how he had got to where he has through a lot of hard work, practise and resilience. He is a real life example of our learning hero Bobby Bounce Back as he talked about when he’s learning new tricks, he often fails initially but then keeps working to get it right. His message to the children was that whatever you enjoy, work hard at it and you too can be really successful.

He also asked the children to guess his four reasons why riding bikes and active travel is good:

To keep fit and healthy.

The reduce the number of cars – more space on the roads and less danger.

Its better for the environment.

Its fun!


Dinosaur Dance Festival 2022

This term we took part in a Dance Festival where we learnt a dinosaur dance. In our dance, we thought about different ways to travel and how to portray different dinosaurs with our movements. We made dinosaur masks to wear during our final performance.

Primary Sports Festival 2022

The children all had the opportunity to take part in a sports festival organised by Primary Sports. They completed a circuit session and worked on agility, balance and coordination. The children took part in balance activities, balloon tap ups, ladder activities, target practise and worked on changing direction and speed. Each year group had a great time and all children showed great attitude, perseverance and sportsmanship!

'I liked it when I balanced on the beam'
'My favourite part was when we put the balloon in the air and I had to look up at the balloon'.
'I had to put my arms out to balance on the beam'.
'My favourite part was when I got my beanbag in the hoop'.

Circus Workshop 2021

In October, the children all enjoyed taking part in the circus workshop. It was a great opportunity to try out new skills and develop their coordination, agility and balance. They used flower sticks, balance beams, pedal walkers, ribbons and scarves . The children all showed great perseverance. 


PE 2020 - 2021

This year the children all enjoyed taking part in a Sports Week. This started with a visit from Ottilie Robinson-Shaw who is an elite freestyle kayaker. She spoke to the children about the importance of healthy eating and working hard. The children also completed a fitness circuit with Ottilie and raised over £2000 in sponsorship money! 

Tennis Festival

The children all took part in a tennis festival run by the Devonshire Tennis Academy. They worked on key coordination skills using tennis balls and rackets. 

Football Festival

During the football festival the children worked on skills including aim, coordination, agility, balance and team work. Comments from the children included

'I enjoyed dribbling the balls out of the cones' 

'I cheered on my team and we scored lots of goals'

'I enjoyed aiming for the targets'.


Sports Afternoons 2021

Each year group bubble also had their separate sports afternoons where they completed a variety of activities. The children were all great Timmy Team workers and earnt lots of points for their coloured team. 

On Friday, each year group bubble had their final sprint races before finishing with a whole school sports day celebration on the field. The children were excited to come together as a whole school to share some songs and announce the winning team.