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Home Learning Year 1

To contact the teachers about any of the home learning, during term time and school hours, please use the following email addresses.  We will aim to reply to you within two working days assuming we are well. 

Contact Miss Holme at   Contact Mrs McLaughlin or Mrs Pye at 


Miss Holme says Hi :)

Hello from Mrs McLaughlin on VE Day. :)

Summer Term

****Challenge of the week - learn a new song****

Week Beginning 1st June

This half term, we will be following the same topics that we will be teaching in school.  Because staff are now back teaching their normal hours, the home school content will be slightly streamlined but will follow similar activities to the ones being covered in school.  If you require additional or alternative activities, the BBC Home Learning website are still offering some really good daily lessons which you can find here:


We are now following Letters and Sounds for Home and School.  From June 2nd you will need to access them directly using the link:


Please continue to practise your sounds at home. We recommend that your child starts with the Year 1 lessons, but you should have received a letter via ParentMail directing you to the appropriate video for your child. Please click on the link and click on the appropriate level as indicated in your letter. 

Each lesson is put on their Youtube channel at approximately 10:30am every day.   


Children should also practise reading and spelling the Year 1 words listed below over the next 7 weeks.


 Disgusting sandwich map.pngDownload
 Disgusting Sandwich Story Youtube Link.docxDownload
 Disgusting sandwich word bank.pdfDownload
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Maths WC 1st June 

Over the next two weeks, we will be looking at using money in maths. In each activity there are opportunities to use dot money if you are unable to source money at this time. This is quite a tricky topic so please spend long enough on each lesson. 

 Friday Would you rather money challenge.pdfDownload
 Thursday's objects to buy.pdfDownload
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Science WC 1st June

For the next two weeks, we will be looking at Health and Wellbeing.

This week we are going to think about eating a healthy balanced diet.  The Eatwell Plate shows you which food groups you should eat more of (the bigger sections) and which ones you should eat less of (smaller sections). 

You will notice that crisps, sweets, ice cream and cakes don't appear on the Eatwell plate at all and are in a separate box on their own.  Why do you think that is?

Have a look at the Healthy Lunchbox below the Eatwell Plate.  You can scroll down and choose the foods you think would make a healthy packed lunch for school.  You can print out the sheet and cut out the foods OR draw your own lunchbox and food items, writing a label for each.


It is important as we grow older that we learn about different ways that we can look after ourselves. 

Have a look at the activities below to learn about different things that we can do to stay fit and healthy.

It is important at this time to take time to think about what lovely things you would like to do once things are in some way back to normal. Have a go at making your own jar. I made one at home myself and I have lots of lovely things I cannot wait to do when I can. 

As part of Health and Well being week in school we also need to think about what we can do to help the environment around us. Have a discussion at home to decide what you could do to help keep the earth healthy. 


***************ARCHIVE **************

ENGLISH - Week Commencing 18th May

This week we will be reading the book Supertato!


Read Supertato by viewing the video below or clicking on this link. 

Remember to only use the internet when an adult is present.


You can also see Mrs Ruddick reading the story of Supertato.  See the video below or click on the link here:




Look at the sheet below. What do you think Supertato and the pea might say?  Write a sentence or two for each character.  Remember your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces!

You could also draw a story map for Supertato in pictures.  (You can use the planning sheet for Wednesday to help you.)


Read Supertato again.  

  • Make you own vegetable or fruit Superhero. You can stick on eyes and a mouth or draw them on.  You could decorate a cape for them to wear.  Remember to ask an adult first.  Give your Supervegetable (or fruit) a name.
  • Create a scene where they are rescuing someone or something. Has a grape been trapped under a glass?  Has a carrot been tied up?  Is the supervillain about to push them into the washing up bowl?


  • Cut out some speech bubbles and write on what your Superveg is saying. Take a photo if you can and send it in.

Other activities:

  • You could write some speech for another character and act out a short play. Perhaps someone could film it for you.
  • Draw your Superveg and fill in some speech bubbles. (see sheet below)

     What is their name?  What are they going to do?  What do they say to the supervillain?

Please send photos in to or



Plan a story about your Superveg using the Supertato story to help you (see planning sheet).



Write the story that you planned yesterday.  If you can send in a photo of your story we’d love to read it.


Spellings    W/C  18th May

Useful Resources

Please click on the links below to open worksheets where you can practise the Year 1 common exception words and practise your handwriting using the first 100 high frequency words.  You can either print these sheets out or use them as a guide and copy them onto your own paper.  There are ten handwriting sheets, so approximately one per week and the common exception words you can practise every week until you can read and write lots of them correctly.

 Also attached are the phonics your child needs to know by the end of Year 1.  Some children are practising Phase 3 phonemes but can also have a go at Phase 4 blends (Mrs Down’s group and Mrs Lavercombe’s group) and the rest are practising Phase 3,4 and 5.  Please choose the phoneme mats that are suited to where your child is currently.   

 The Phase 4 phonics mat shows consonant blends and clusters.  Children can practise blending the sounds together smoothly when reading words and representing the sounds in their spellings e.g. ‘went’ not ‘wet’, ‘frog’ not ‘fog’.  Choose a blend a day to practise and choose a few words for your child to read and then spell, ensuring they represent all the sounds they can hear.

Check out Phonics Play where there are lots of games using phonics from each phase.  Choose the green button to go to the new site.  If you click on a game, you can choose the phase that is suitable for your child.

 First 100 HFW Handwriting.pdfDownload
 Phase 3 Sound Mat.pdfDownload
 Phase 4 blends and clusters Sound Mat.pdfDownload
 Phase 5 Sound Mat.pdfDownload
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Maths Week Beginning 18th March

This week in maths we are going to look at movement. We are going to think about how objects move and turn.



I can make half turns.

Today we are going to look at facing forward, left, right and backwards. To remember if you need to face left or right you need to make your hands wide. One hand will make an L this is L for left. The other hand does not so this is your right hand.






Let’s play a game of Simon says: Look at this video of me playing Simon says. Good luck!

Task: Play a game of Simon Says at home with your family practising the words forward, backwards, left and right.



The Supertato has been feeling very odd. Instead of flying he turns around in circle! Look at where Supertato started and what happened when he turned.


It looks like he has gone upside down. Supertato has made a half turn. Let me show you how:


Task: With Supertato’s veggie friends can you have a go at making half turns. What happens each time? Does it matter which way I turn it?


I can make quarter turns and full turns.

Today we are going to look at quarter turns. This is when an object takes a slight turn.


Imagine only taking a slight turn to the left or the right. This is a quarter turn. When you move you would go from facing forward to left or right. Have a go at making quarter turns at home.


To make a full turn we would start facing forwards and take a whole turn until we get back to facing forwards.




Task: With Supertato’s friends can you make them do a quarter turn and a full turn? Is it easier to see if some shapes have made a quarter or a full turn?



It’s game day and today’s game includes two new words:

Clockwise and anticlockwise This video should help to understand clockwise and anticlockwise

Clockwise – If they go around the same way a clock goes.

Anticlockwise – if you go around the opposite way to a clock.


You will need a dice. If you do not have a dice please use this online dice.

You will also need the game board and a partner. With your partner take it in turns to roll the dice. The first to fill the board is the winner.

Topic Work Week commencing 18th May 2020 


We are now going to follow the learning we will be doing with the key workers in school. We will come back to China, but I hope you have enjoyed your time learning about China so far.


Design and Technology


Supertato is powerful and he takes care of others. Have a go at designing your own superhero out of a vegetable. What makes your hero special? What qualities do they have?



As a superhero you need to work on your fitness to help save others. Have a go at these superhero training exercises to help you become a true superhero.


Can you write down 5 things that make you happy? It is important to remember all the fantastic things we love about every day.

Science - Plants

Week Commencing 18th May 2020

This week we are finishing up our plant diaries and identifying some of the trees and flowers that we find in the Devon countryside.

On my daily walk around the lanes near my house I have been trying to identify the wildflowers growing by the side of the road and some of the trees that I have seen.  The trees have got plenty of leaves on now but when we started the lockdown some were still quite bare.  Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of change with buds sprouting, leaves appearing and blossom flowering.  Have you noticed that different trees have different shaped leaves and some have smooth bark and some have rough bark?


I have set a quiz this week to see if you can match some of the trees and flowers that I have seen with their names.  You might have seen some of them yourself.  If you need some help you could ask an adult, google some of the names, or try the Wildlife Trusts website by clicking on this link.

Remember to only go online with a supervising adult.

If you are going for a walk near your house, you could make a scavenger hunt list like the one below.  You can print off my one or use it for ideas.