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Home Learning Year 1

This page is for families who are self isolating.  Children in Year 1 who are at home and well enough to do school work can use the ideas below.

To contact the teachers about any of the home learning, during term time and school hours, please use the following email addresses.  We will aim to reply to you within two working days assuming we are well.

Contact Miss Holme at   Contact Mrs McLaughlin or Mrs Pye at 


Please continue to read with your child daily.  Ask them to read or you read to them.  Sign up to for access to free e-books.


Phonicsplay is available for parents for free while schools are closed.  There are games your children can play online (please supervise) to help them practise their phonics.  Aim for Phase 5 phonics activities although children in Mrs Down or Mrs Lavercombe's phonics groups should look at Phase 3 to start with.  Phase 4 phonics games would also be useful, particularly if your child struggles to blend consonants.  eg nt, st, lk etc.

Username: march20 password: home


Spellings w/c 23/03/20


We have learnt and mapped the story of ‘The Woods’. Take a look at the story below – have a go at retelling it at home or even writing the story? Maybe you could think of your own story about going into the woods?

We were hoping to catch the bear this week as we think he has taken my pink bunny. We were going to write a set of instructions on how to catch a bear – can you think of ways to catch a bear? Remember he is pretty lonely so what can we do to make him happy?

When writing instructions remember:

  • make a list of things 'You will need:'
  • write the  instructions in order,
  • they need bossy verbs,
  • they can start with time conjunctions e.g. First, Then, Next, Finally
  • they need to be clear - start each instruction on a new line.

Write a diary of your time at home. We would love to hear the fun things you get up to whilst at home. Don’t forget to check your capital letters and full stops for your sentences.

We have been learning how to count in 2’s and 5’s this week. Take a look at this maths problem. I wonder how you will solve it?

Is there more than one way of solving the problem?


What creatures could there be?

How many legs do they each have?

What's the greatest number of creatures he could have seen?

What's the smallest number of creatures he could have seen?


We will be learning about measurement this week. Have a go at measuring some objects at home.  What does cm mean? Can you find something that is longer than your book? Can you find something that is shorter than your pencil? Can you find something that is longer pencil but shorter than your book?  


Can you use a weighing scale to make some cakes with your grown up? Can you follow a set of instructions to make it?


Don’t forget to play some addition and subtraction board games such as snakes and ladders at home. These types of games help your child to count on and to add smaller numbers together.

Other Subjects:

ICT: If you have access to a laptop at home have a go at using the paint application. We have been learning all the features of paint this term so you could have a go at drawing your house on paint. Always supervise your child whilst you are online.

Science: We have been learning about plants. Could you plant your own seeds? What plants can you spot in your garden? Can you make a list of the plants you can spot in your garden?

Humanities: Next term we are learning all about Asia. At home have a discussion around what you all know about Japan or China. What types of food might you eat? Do you know of any towns or cities in Japan or China?  Can you find them on a map of the world?  Or on Google Earth?