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ICT at Pilton Infants' school involves a range of technology. Did you know? You can do ICT without a computer! 

Our aim is to develop the skills the children will need as they grow older in a new and improving technical world. The children are given opportunities to code and create their own algorithms without using a computer. They are given the skills to develop simple programmes on both applications and on the Ipads and offline. During their primary years they will have many opportunities to learn in the areas of text and graphics, digital creativity, multimedia authoring, computing and research and communication, as well as using a wide variety of programs which support a range of curriculum areas. We currently have a set of Ipads and we cannot wait to begin using our new netbooks. 


All of our Ipads have access to the internet and is continually monitored by staff. Children are told about being safe online at the beginning of the year and are updated accordingly. No information about children is shared through the Internet, unless through appropriate secure links or with designated agencies.


Teachers are always updating the technology in their classroom - a dinosaur even went into a classroom one day! The children are taught skills, which are modelled by their teacher through the interactive whiteboards and their own Ipads. 

Useful websites 

We have collated a list of useful websites and placed them in subject areas for ease of reference, together with websites to support parents.

This list is always growing so please keep looking at the website for ideas. 

PARENTS – Please be aware that the school has not vetted these sites, so please check their content prior to use by your family. The content is ever changing so the school accepts no responsibility for the content of these sites.